Product Description:

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension affects millions of people. It’s a very common health problem that has severe implications if not kept in check. Christian Goodman’s blood pressure program has become an online bestseller over the past couple of years because of how effective it is.

The approach he takes is unique and you’ll need to watch the entire video on the official page to get all the details. Christian runs the website, ‘Blue Heron Health News’ and is actively involved in the health and wellness industry.

Let’s take a closer look as to why this blood pressure program is so effective and if it’s right for you.

The Good Points:

1) Christian Goodman’s program approaches hypertension from a different angle. While most guides and doctors will tell you to reduce your salt intake and get more exercise, Christian sees high blood pressure as a symptom of chronic stress.

His program is designed to help you beat stress… and in doing so, you’ll beat high blood pressure and be rid of it. This is a very effective approach because while cutting out sodium from your diet is effective and relatively easy to do… reducing stress and not getting worked up is immensely difficult.

So, High Blood Pressure Exercise Program will give you the tools you need to be an oasis of calm in a stressed-out world. It has helped thousands of people, and it will most probably help you too.

2) The High Blood Pressure Exercise Program also provides recipes to prepare healthy meals. This is excellent because your sodium intake has a direct impact on your blood pressure too. Fix your diet and that’s half the battle won. So, the recipes in this guide will help to get you on track.

3) The core of this program comes down to 3 different types of exercises. Don’t panic. It’s not CrossFit or some other arduous program. These 3 exercises are easy to do and will not stress you out.

The first one is ‘walking in rhythm’ for about 10 minutes. You’ll need to swing your arms in rhythm and walk. You could do this on a treadmill or outside. The goal here is not speed or to sweat. It’s to walk with rhythm and the goal is relaxation and stress relief. You want to reduce the tension in hypertension.

The second exercise is an emotional release exercise. Basically, this is a breathing pattern combined with meditation and a mindful release of the tension in you. The goal is to de-stress.

The last exercise is a traditional exercise to relax your mind and body. As you can see, the focus of this entire program is on reducing the stress and tension within you. That’s what makes Christian’s approach so effective.

4) This is an online bestseller. To get to this level is NOT easy. Your product has to be good and it must work. Despite having a money-back guarantee, it has a very low refund rate. What we did find were many positive reviews from satisfied customers. That’s reassuring because the product has excellent social proof.

5) The focus on reducing your stress is of paramount importance. We were glad to see Christian devote so much attention to stress. It is the silent killer of the 21st century and leads to all kinds of health problems. So, this program not only helps with your blood pressure, but also lowers your risk of many other diseases.

6) You have 60 days to test this product out and see if your blood pressure levels stabilize. If you’re not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund.

The Bad Points:

1) This is an online download. You’ll need a computer to access it, but you can print it out for easy reference if you wish.

2) As dangerous as hypertension may be, some people are just complacent and can’t get past their inertia to make positive changes in their life. While Christian’s program works wonders, you’ll need to follow it consistently.

You can’t just do it off and on and expect to see results. This is a holistic program and takes time to work. So, you must have patience too.

Should You Get It?

Hypertension very often leads to heart disease. Your health and life are at stake here. You can’t put a price on it.

Is Christian Goodman’s High Blood Pressure Exercise Program going to help you? It most probably will.

You are covered by the 60-day refund policy so there is no risk here. However, if you do not get it, your risks of getting other diseases due to your blood pressure will rise. We’re not trying to alarm you here, but this is reality.

High blood pressure is a dangerous health issue. Get this product and get your blood pressure under control. This guide is a MUST HAVE. It’s that important.

>>> Get “High Blood Pressure Exercise Program” Now <<<

Infidelity is a huge problem. Statistics show that at least 60 percent of partners cheat on their spouse. Of course, men are more prone to cheating than women. The impact of this can be devastating.

Ruined marriages, unhappy children, nasty divorce proceedings, etc. are all common consequences of infidelity. How do you avoid all of these?

The truth of the matter is that men stray from their marriage when they feel unappreciated at home. It’s not a lack of love, but a lack of admiration that’s the root of all problems.

When another woman shows a man more admiration than he gets from his wife, he is lured and tempted to cheat. Then it becomes about sex and all the other things that go with it. Cheating is just a symptom of a lack of admiration.

Felicity Keith, the author of bestselling guide, Language of Desire was devastated when she stumbled across her husband watching porn. All along she thought he was satisfied in the marriage, and this was an unexpected blow.

Since she wanted to save her marriage and fix the problem, she tested out several different methods and techniques to see what would make her husband desire her again. What was the porn giving him that she wasn’t?

She finally realized what men want from women… and why men cheat on their wives. She then wrote this book and the advice truly works because it’s based on real-world information.

This is NOT untested theory written by someone with a psychology degree who is trying to be politically correct. Language of Desire (LOD) is a hard-hitting, extremely truthful guide that will save your marriage if you use it right.

Let’s take a closer look at it…

The Good Points:

1) Language of Desire has been an online bestseller for a couple of years now with thousands of copies sold. It’s still just as popular and many satisfied customers have left positive reviews. So, this product is proven to work. If you want to seduce your husband, this book works great.

2) Most sex takes place in the mind. While the activity is a physical one, it’s the mind that processes the act. The Erotic Telepath technique that’s revealed in this product will show you how to understand your husband’s fantasies and satisfy them so that he doesn’t turn to another woman to get what he needs.

3) It’s an unfortunate fact, but many men are addicted to pornography and it’s more common than most women realize. This is a huge problem because it sets up expectations in the man that their wife can never live up to because porn is NOT real.

The illusion of porn will make his real sex life seem dull and unimpressive. Language of Desire has a technique known as ‘The Porn Destroyer’ method. With it, you can break your husband’s addiction to porn and he’ll realize that his sex life is actually pretty good.

4) Everything you need to know about adding passion, sex and excitement into a stale sex life is in here. The product comes with 10 modules. You can either read it or listen to it (audio mp3s provided) Very easy to follow and understand.

5) Talking dirty is NOT many women’s idea of fun. In fact, it can even seem unnatural and weird. Language of Desire will show you how to do it in a tasteful way. Talking in a way that’s sexy is NOT what you see in the porn movies.

It’s much subtler. In LOD, you’ll learn what to say and how to say it to excite your man. When done right, it’s not as crude as you may be led to think. You just need to know how to go about it

6) Besides the main product, there are several interesting bonuses such as a list of naughty texts that you can just copy and send to your husband. You don’t even need to get creative. The texts have been proven to work. Just use them!

7) Developing a personality that is classy, sexual and magnetic is an art. If you do it right, your husband will eat out of your hand. If you do it wrong, you’ll appear desperate, needy and be a turn off. There’s a fine line here… and Language of Desire will show you how to toe that line and be irresistible.

8) The Language of Desire is covered by a refund policy. If despite your best efforts, the product doesn’t help you in your marriage, at the very least you can get your money back.

The Bad Points:

1) Initially, it may not be easy. Some women may find that applying some of the techniques means stepping out of their comfort zone. They may feel intimidated or shy. Very often, it was these attitudes that caused the marriage to go south in the first place.

So, you’ll need to have confidence in yourself and comply with the instructions in the guide. That’s the only way you’ll see success.

2) You need an internet connection and a computer to purchase and access this product.

Should You Get It?

Trying to save a marriage on your own can seem like a formidable task, and it is. Where do you even start? How do you inject the long-lost passion into your crumbling marriage?

You know you can’t bury your head in the sand and expect things to get better. It just doesn’t work that way.

What you need is a plan… you need the Language of Desire. You really do.

While the sales page is a little hyped up, they’re right about one thing – men start to stray once their sex lives are dull. If your husband only desires you, he’ll never look elsewhere.

Language of Desire gives you all the tools and strategies to keep him hooked on you. All you need to do is use them and the flames in your relationship will be so strong and bright that he’ll only have eyes for you.

This product has helped women all over the world and it will help you. Get it, apply it and rekindle the passion in your marriage.

>>> Get “Language of Desire” Now <<<

Product Description:

The ketogenic diet has taken the world by storm over the past few years. For decades, fatty foods have been getting a bad rep. However, people are starting to realize that eating fat and reducing your carbohydrates accelerates fat loss.

Imagine that! This is based on solid science. A ketogenic diet trains your body to burn fat stores for fuel instead of using carbohydrates and food. When the body relies on fat for energy, it will be less like to store unnecessary amounts of it.

Getting to this state of ketosis is easy… BUT only if you know how. Many beginners eat the wrong fats and do more damage than good. It’s not entirely their fault because a lot of the keto info online is unreliable and dished out by clueless folks.

We found one keto product called Keto Resources and it’s been an online bestseller for a while. In fact, it is still very popular. So, we decided to take a closer look to see what the fuss was all about. This is what we found out…

The Good Points:

1) For the amount of information, you get here, the guide is very affordable. It’s within the reach of most people.

2) The Keto Resources site is well-organized and gives you all the information that you could possibly need to make the diet work. The information is detailed, yet simple enough to follow along easily.

You even get a free ‘Bacon and Butter Diet Cookbook’ with 148 ketogenic diet recipes. This book alone is more than what most other ketogenic programs will give you… and you don’t need to pay a cent. They definitely overdelivered here.

3) The biggest obstacles that most beginners face when adopting the ketogenic diet is trying to figure out what foods to eat. Knowing which fats are beneficial and which should be avoided is crucial to making the diet work. In Keto Resources, you’re given a long list of foods that you should eat. This takes guesswork out of the equation.

4) The goal of the ketogenic diet is to achieve a metabolic state known as ketosis. It is here that the magic happens. You’ll lose your food cravings, see accelerated weight loss and an increase in energy. Getting to this stage requires some knowledge of how it all works.

Instead of going about it blindly, Keto Resources gives you a step-by-step plan that you can follow. You’ll save time and effort by following a proven plan. That’s one of the strongest selling points of this product. You absolutely know it’s going to work.

5) Keto Resources is an online bestseller with thousands of satisfied customers. They’ve been around for a while now. So, this is a proven and established site that you can trust.

6) You have 60 days to join the program and see if it’s suitable for you. If you’re not satisfied, you’re still covered by a money-back guarantee.

The Bad Points:

1) This is an online program. You’ll need a computer and an internet connection to access it. The good news is that you gain immediate access upon payment.

2) As with any new diet, there will be an initial period where the body is trying to adapt. This period can be difficult to some people. While the ketogenic diet is laxer than the paleo or Atkins diet, the restriction on carbs may be difficult for some people.

So, there is some adjusting involved. You may need to be patient and persevere for the first 5 to 7 days till your body adapts to this diet.

Should You Get It?

Yes, yes… and yes again.

Instead of buying several books or scouring tons of websites, it’s much easier to get all your information from one reliable site… and when it comes to the ketogenic diet, Keto Resources is that site.

This is a highly effective diet that thousands of people have used and benefitted from. If you want to successfully adopt it, you need this program. Get it today and use the keto diet to melt your stubborn fat away.

>>> Get “Keto Resources” Now <<<

Fuego Multiplier Review

This product in short shows you how to make tiny little testimonials for products and using display ads and targeting making some great money  from folks who have already shown an interest in a product.

I wont give anything more away as he teaches you the exact method inside ( you can even outsource the video stuff!)

Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review

Product Overview

Product Fuego Multiplier
Vendor Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong
Front End Price $12-95
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Guarantee 100%-14 Day Money Back

Fuego Multiplier Review

Fuego Multiplier Review

Members Area

As you see above there are 10 modules covering the entire method. Jono takes you though a case study and then the full end to end setup of the campaigns.Each models builds upon the previous one and is easy to follow along with.

  1. System Overview
  2. The Fuego Vid
  3. Outsourced Fuego Vid
  4. How To Use Ads
  5. Fuego Ads Setup
  6. Fuego Ad Creation
  7. Simple Landing Page
  8. Easy Campaigns in Minutes
  9. Conclusion

The course includes, scripts you can use for your testimonial videos (or outsource) , how to make display ads ,and how to set up your Google Ad campaigns

The Fuego Muliplier Review – Upgrades

Front End: $12.95
A new way to make money and literally multiple yourself across the internet.

Upgrade 1 : $37 – Fuego Funnels
Done For You Funnels saving alot of time getting started.

Upgrade 2: $197 – Limitless Traffic

This is very cool they are going to allow you to put a pixel on there sale-pages , allowing you to re-market to anyone that views them .Incredibly powerful!!

Upgrade 3: $67 – Profit Maximizer
Advance Training and 6 Done For You funnels

Upgrade 4:$97 License Rights
100% Commissions on the entire funnel

Upgrade 5: $1997 

Brendans 1 to 1 coaching course where he lets you inside his business and teaches you how to make $10K per Month.

Vendor Bonuses

Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review
Fuego Multiplier Review


Lucrative List Secrets- How to build a list from a standing start in record time.

Bing Ads Mastery- Generate Tons of traffic with Bing (Paid traffic but this guide will show you how to do it correctly)

Solo Ad Escape- Escape the Solo Ad trap and build a long term business.

Money Talks With Mike Allen- How to Make Money with Facebook Groups

Banking With Bonuses- How to Triple your profits in a niche with Bonus Pages.

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Welcome to my review of Affiliate Buyers Blueprint by Michael Harris. This is a guy who I haven’t heard of before and have never seen any of his previous products, so I really have no idea what to expect from this, is going to be good? or is it going to be a total waste of money? Who knows.

Let’s find out!

NAME: Affiliate Buyers Blueprintaffiliate buyers blueprint review

OWNER: Michael Harris

PRICE: $7.25


#1 recommendation for making money from home


Whenever I research a product I’m reviewing I always take a look at the sales page to see what the vendors themselves are telling you.

Sometimes they’ll tell what it is and what you’ll be doing, but a lot of the time they don’t really tell you anything apart from how much money you’ll make, you’re just expected to buy the product without knowing what it you’re buying.

Affiliate Buyers Blueprint sales page headlineSo what we have here is the headline to the sales page and he’s pretty adamant we’ve been lied to about affiliate marketing for long enough.

It’ll be interesting to find out exactly what that lie is, if he actually tells us.

Now to be fair to Michael Harris this sales page is pretty tame compared to most I review, let me explain. A lot of sales pages will tell you how you don’t need any tech skills or experience, don’t need a website, don’t need a list or a total newbie could do it only to find out when you buy the product that the total opposite is true.

what you'll learnAs we go through the training just remember these and we’ll see if they’re all inside the product, but for now it’s safe to say that the sales page is right when it says that this is about affiliate marketing and at the same time building a buyers list.


  • no over hyped claims of how much money you will make
  • 2 methods in one
  • money back gaurantee
  • clear video and audio (you wouldn’t believe some of the rubbish I see)
  • an 18 page PDF overview as well as the videos


  • over simplified the affiliate approval process
  • watching the videos and listening to his voice is a bit like watching paint dry
  • not as in depth as it needs to be
  • quite basic


I think this would make a great entry level product for someone to get an overview of how the whole system works. A more experienced person isn’t going to learn a lot from this product.

The trouble is the MMO niche is so competitive and vendors don’t like giving approval to newbies who haven’t got a proven sales record, but there is always clickbank where you don’t need approval, you simply sign up and choose what product you want to promote, just be aware there are a lot of crappy products on Clickbank, but to be fair there are a lot of crappy products everywhere these days 🙁


So when you get inside the members area you get an introduction video followed by an 8 step video series with a couple of bonuses at the end:

affiliate buyers blueprint members area
  • Introduction – Michael just goes over a quick overview of the method
  • Step #1 – 18.52 – Decide on your niche and figure out their problems
  • Step #2 part 1 – 10.49 – Find an affiliate program that provides a solution to their problems
  • Step #2 part 2 – 14.50 – how to find affiliate offers on JVzoo, Warriorplus
  • Step #3 – 12.57 – Create a squeeze page opt-in form
  • Step #4 – 17.18 – Set up a Thank you page redirect
  • Step #5 – 8.04 – Set up your autoresponder emails
  • Step #6 – 29.16 – Collect the names of buyers of the affiliate product that you are promoting
  • Step #7 – 25.22 – Drive traffic to your offer to get buyers
  • Step #8 – 3.39 – ask buyers what else they need
  • Recap – Michael goes over the whole process again

So that’s what you get with Affiliate buyers blueprint, but of course you have the upsells.


It would seem that nearly every product out there has upsells attached to it and this one is no different, it has 2 of them which it has to be said is quite good in relative terms, I reviewed a product recently that had 6 of them, can you believe that, 6. I think the total if you bought all 6 of them would have been something like $600, absolutely crazy.

Anyway back to this one.

  • OTO #1 – $17 – This is a 3 part video series from 2015, it’s one of his old products called Affiliate Email Mastery
  • OTO #2 – $17 – This is a mixture of video and PDF showing how to write follow up emails plus 50 Done For You email swipes


For $7 it was a lot better than I was expecting and will give you a decent look at what you can achieve. Is it the most comprehensive product out there? absolutely not, but it does what it says on the tin.

The main part for me is getting approval from the vendors to promote their products, now I know I said there’s always Clickbank, but if you want to go down this road then you’re going to need to promote their products and they don’t like giving approval to newbies as it can have a negative affect on their EPC, so they tend to stay away from new affiliates.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s not the norm.

All in all I actually quite liked this, no over hyped claims of how much money you’ll be making, not really sure if I found out what the lie was though.



If you’re looking for a more detailed way to start from scratch then use the training I did here. They’ll show you how to build a website and promote products that people are actually searching for.

There’s a whole community of like-minded people who love to help so you can ask all the questions you need to and with the step by step training you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Click the banner below to get instant FREE access, no credit card needed just your name and email address and you’re good to go.wealthy affiliate free sign up

Welcome to my Evergreen Traffic Review. Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio are no strangers to this blog. I have reviewed many of their products like Pulli, Growii, bloggii and Traffic Revival with somewhat mixed results.

As a whole I quite like what they do it’s just sometimes their products can be a mis-mash of their old products, usually centering around Pinterest as a traffic source, hopefully this one is going to be one that is completely new.

NAME: Evergreen Traffic Academyevergreen traffic academy review

OWNERS: Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio

PRICE: $17


#1 recommendation for making money from home


Well according to the sales page the methods for getting traffic have changed again which to be fair is news to me, but anyway this is supposedly a 100% newbie friendly way to create as many passive income streams as you like.

evergreen traffic academy sales page headline

Now that all sounds fine and dandy and the sales page even goes on to tell you that you’ll get over 61 videos, which I’ve got to say is pretty impressive if they hold value and not just full of fluff and hype, they need to be actionable.

But what is it?

They don’t tell you, they just dangle a great big carrot in front of you in the form of all their impressive screenshots, but fail to let you know what it is you’re going to be involved in.

Now isn’t that a bit strange? I mean how can someone expect you to pay money for something you have no idea what it is? It’s like walking into a car showroom and the salesperson telling you how great a particular car is, but not letting you see it.

sales page hype?

Yes I know they offer a money back guarantee, but I’ve had people telling me how hard it is to actually get a refund if it’s not what you were expecting, you see because they are not telling you what it is, your expectations can only be built on the sales page.

You might have something completely different in mind and when you get it are very disappointed and want your money back.

This is where I come in, I’m going to tell you exactly what Evergreen Traffic Academy is all about so you can make an informed decision and not have the hassle of trying to get your money back if it’s not what you thought it was going to be.

This product covers 3 different traffic options which are Youtube, Pinterest and SEO, which I haven’t seen before in one product, I’ve seen them covered individually, but not all at once.

Along with the traffic sources, they also show you how to find a niche, set up your blog with all the necessary pages and plugins.

This is especially handy if you are a total newbie.


As I’ve just mentioned this is going to be a great benefit to you if you’re new to all this, but at the same time even experienced marketers are going to get some benefit from this, not necessarily from the blog building section, but the traffic section simply because it covers 3 options.

I myself usually concentrate on SEO for my traffic, but I have got a Pinterest account and I will be going through the training he has here to see if I can learn anything from him.

You see that’s the great thing about this business, you can always learn more.

You then also have the Youtube option so there is a lot of viable option to look at for people who might be a different stages of their online adventure.


  • The amount of training for $17
  • The 3 options for free traffic
  • I love the fact they’ve included SEO
  • The setting up of a blog
  • Very easy to understand


  • Upsells  grrr…..
  • The use of backlinks


Once you make your way past the upsells, of which there are 4, you are presented with a members area that consists of the main training, some resources, some bonuses and of course another to grab those pesky upsells.

The training is split up into 7 modules each containing a different amount of videos.

Module 1 – Overview and Case Studiesevergreen traffic academy training dashboard

  • Youtube Case Study – 6.27
  • Pinterest Case Study – 2.28
  • SEO Case Study – 2.46
  • Overview Of The System – 4.32

Module 2 – Niche Research

  • Generating a list of ideas – 13.32
  • Researching how you can monetize – 3.39
  • Validation – 7.05

Module 3 – Basic Website Creation

  • Domain name – 7.09
  • Domain registration – 3.19
  • Hosting setup – 12.30
  • WordPress setup – 9.56
  • Installing SSL – 4.55
  • Install Flatsome – 10.29
  • Logo – 6.59
  • About Page -7.36
  • Contact Page – 10.20
  • Terms & Conditions Page – 5.24
  • Privacy Policy – 7.02
  • Cookie Consent & Plugin 4.52
  • Linking Pages via Menu – 8.10
  • Final Words on Initial Site Layout – 2.58
  • Social Sharing Plugin Install – 6.02
  • Making 1st Sample Post – 8.29
  • Filling Out Front Page – 8.41
  • Finishing Front Page – 8.11
  • Finalizing The Site – 3.43

Module 4 – Youtube

  • Youtube Overview and Benefits – 7.57
  • Create YouTube Channel – 11.12
  • Finding YT Keywords – Free Method – 10.17
  • Premium Keyword Research Method 4.06
  • YouTube Video Success Factors – 9.27
  •  Video structure / what makes a video successful – 9.55
  • Video creation – 5.43
  • Uploading The Video – 16.20
  • Growth Roadmap & Monetization – 7.22

Module 5 – Pinterest

  • Overview of Pinterest – 7.25
  • Pinterest Account Creation – 6.47
  • 10 Boards / 10 Pins Setup – 5.49
  • Getting 50+ Followers – 8.14
  • Research 10 Content Ideas – 6.51
  • Outsourcing Content on iWriter – 7.14
  • Create Content Yourself – 5.15
  • Insert Images Into Post – 5.28
  • Create Pinterest Image – 8.31
  • Finalize Post, Pin It to Pinterest – 7.40
  • Create Rich Pins – 3.59
  • Tribes Traffic and Scheduling – 14.46

Module 6 – SEO Traffic

  • Overview of SEO – 8.13
  • Essential Tool – MOZ Toolbar – 7.25
  • Keyword Generation with Google Keyword Planner – 6.02
  • Keyword Generation w/Keyword Shitter – 5.33
  • Keyword Generation – SEM Rush – 11.45
  • Competition Analysis – MOZ Toolbar – 7.21
  • Creating SEO-Optimized Content – 6.42
  • Building Links to Your Site – 8.45

Module 7 – Making Money From All The Traffic

  • Monetization – Big Picture – 11.27
  • How to set up Adsense – 16.29
  • Setting Up Listbuilding / Optin Form – 10.57
  • Create Optin Image & Set Up Follow Up Messages – 12.41

So there you have a ton of training to go through which for the price is incredibly good, especially when you consider some of the absolute rubbish that gets released.


As previously mentioned this has 4 upsells and just so you know what to expect I’ll give you a quick run down of what they are.

  • OTO #1 – Case Studies pack $27
  • OTO #2 – Done-For-You pack $27
  • OTO #3 – 100% PROFIT FUNNELS – $97, $147, $197
  • OTO #4 – Done-For-You Blog – $1497 – no that’s not a typo it really is $1497


I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this you unlike this one I reviewed here.



NAME: Snowball Trafficsnowball traffic review

OWNERS: Fergal Downes, Bill Hugall

& Simple Spencer

PRICE: $7.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home


This is a course from October/November 2018, yes this is an old course, some would call it a rehash, basically selling an old product as a new one which to be fair this probably falls into that category especially when the sales page tells you that this is “Unique and totally fresh”

What this is about is creating Facebook groups, growing those groups using Instagram shootouts and then promoting offers to those groups.

He shows you how to do that by way of 14 videos taking you from choosing a niche for your group to what to promote to it. Now while we’re on that subject I had a quick look at that video and in it he tells you that THE best way to get approved for promoting a product is to tell the vendor that you’re going to be promoting through your EMAIL LIST.

Now you could be thinking of buying this because the sales page says that the best part about this is you DO NOT NEED A LIST !!!!

no list requiredTalking of the sales page, let’s take a quick look at what else is on there.


Whenever I review a product I like to see what the sales page has to say simply because that’s what a lot of people are going to base their opinion around, trouble is most sales pages severely over exaggerate what the product can do.

What you see on the sales page doesn’t even make it into the product in the majority of cases and because I have got access to the actual product I can see how much is hype and how much you can expect to be real, take this headline for example:

snowball traffic sales page headline

What do you think when you see a statement like that especially with the bit about how newbie friendly it is. Well I’m here to burst your bubble, but there is no way on this earth that a newbie is going to bank $9k in 30 days.

He has years of experience so I have no doubt he has been able to do that, but as a new person to this with no experience, you’re never going to do that.

sales page videoResults in the first 24 hours?? Now I don’t know how he expects you to do that when as you go through the training you realise that to get the group members you have to approach an Instagram influencer and request a shout out and the one he recommends you use is apparently a “bit flaky” and isn’t that responsive and it can take some time to get them to do your post.

According to Fergal “You’ll probably have to hit him up a couple of times” Once he has done your post which is going to cost around $40 does Fergal really think that any new members you get to this brand new Facebook group of yours, members who don’t know you from Adam, are going to instantly buy whatever you recommend to them?

Of course they’re bloody not!


So, I think it’s time to show you what the training looks like once you get into the members area. What I like to do at this point is to just advise you not to buy the upsells at this moment, wait until you see if this product is for you.

If it’s not then all have to do is request a refund on a relatively small amount whereas if you buy all the upsells and then realise you want a refund you’ve got a lot more money invested and 1,2, 4 and 5 oto’s are not covered by the money back guarantee, for some reason they cover oto #3, but not the others.

And if they want to play hardball you’ll find yourself with a bit of a struggle to even get a refund which I’ve been made aware of by some of my readers. Take a look at the comments here and here. You’ll be pretty shocked at what they say.

Just a quick heads up, you’ll need to spend around $90 for all the extras that you are going to need inside the Snowball Traffic system.

snowball traffic members area

So as far as the training is concerned you get 14 videos:

  • Video 1 – Snowball Traffic Niches – 2.06 – Suggests you start a MMO group, but also a Diet group and also says anything really that you have an interest in.
  • Video 2 – Setting Up Your “Snowball” Group – 4.48 – Goes over creating your Facebook group using Fiverr to design your FB cover which will cost you $5
  • Video 3 – The Pinned Post – 1.45 – Tells you to select ‘all posts’ rather than the default highlights
  • Video 4 – The Group Description – 2.58 – How to craft your description to include your keywords, he does actually give an example of a group that does that.
  • Video 5 – The Group Settings – 2.25 – Goes through the setting you need to have on your group
  • Video 6 – How To Get 400-600 Group Members on DAY 1… Part 1 of 2 – 9.24 – This is where you make use of the Instagram influencer which will cost you around $40
  • Video 7 – How To Get 400-600 Group Members on DAY 1… Part 2 of 2 – 2.11 – Carrying on from the last video
  • Video 8 – Software That Runs Your “Snowball” Group On Autopilot – 3.23 – Goes over how to use Buffer to schedule your posts, this will cost you $15/m
  • Video 9 – Getting Viral Content For Your Group To Build Massive Engagement – 4.17 – Make use of Buzzsumo for finding content for your group, this will cost at least $79/m, but he does show you a gig on Fiverr that will do it for $25
  • Video 10 – Outsource Everything For Just $5 – 3.08 – Tells you to hire a virtual assistant from Fiverr to take care of the Buffer schedule which is going to cost you $5
  • Video 11 – Running FB Live For Engagement – 1.17 – Once you get around 10,000 people in your group you need to engage on a personal level using FB live.
  • Video 12 – Profitable Engagement Secrets – 2.16 – He uses a technique where he posts an “ask me” Monday” for example where people can ask him anything related to MMO
  • Video 13 – Time To Make Money! …Exactly What To Promote (Part 1) – 7.01 – This is where he shows you how to apply to promote a product with Warrior + plus or Clickbank
  • Video 14 – Time To Make Money! …Exactly What To Promote (Part 2) – 4.43 – Continuing from the last video

So there you have the training, not bad for the $7 or so dollars that it costs.


Right, on to the upsells, this has 5 of them and I’ll leave the addresses to each because remember I said NOT to buy them straight after you buy the front end product, I’ll also let you know if you can save a bit of money as some of them have downsells and I’ll tell you how you can take advantage of those as well.

  • OTO #1 – Fergal’s DFY Pack + Case Studies – $27 with a downsell to $17 –
  • OTO #2 – Super Simple $300/day Method – $17 with a downsell to $12 –
  • OTO #3 – Resale Rights to Snowball Traffic – $37 with a downsell to $27 –
  • OTO #4 – How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days – $27 with a downsell to $17 –
  • OTO #5 – Simple BUYERS List Building Method – $12 with a downsell to $7 –

So just how can you save yourself $40? Just click “No Thanks” at the bottom of each of the sales pages.


In general it’s quite a good product, there are some bad points like having to spend more than you realized to make this work.

You are going to need extra help to fill in some of the blanks that he leaves out like dealing with your Virtual assistant, how to deal with things when they don’t do what you’ve asked them to do, things like that.

The other thing I wasn’t that impressed with was the section on what to promote to your group, there was absolutely no mention of making sure you actually go through the product that you’re promoting to see if it’s even any good.

It could be a load of rubbish and you’re asking your group, who are meant to trust your judgment to buy something just because you like the sales page of a particular product.

The other point I’d like to make again, I touched on it earlier, is don’t expect to be making any results in the first 24 hours like the sales video says you will because you won’t.

It’s going to take time for your group to trust what you say and believe in your recommendations, again coming back to being careful you research the product before promoting it, you don’t want it to be rubbish because people just won’t take any notice of what you have to say in the future.

With all that being said there is enough in this product for me to approve it




NAME: Octaneoctane review jono armstrong

OWNERS: Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace

& Victory Akpomedaye

PRICE: $27.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home


This is a cloud based software that supposedly anyone can make money with and all you have to do is click your mouse a total of 3 times. They seem to have a bit of a thing with the number 3, it appears in their other sales pages .

Now come on guys, you can’t really expect people to believe that can you? Can you??

octane sales page headline

So, according to the sales page this is the easiest and fastest way to make money online and they stop just short of actually guaranteeing you’ll get results.

It’s a solution for people who either don’t want to or are unable to create their own content, in particular videos. This eliminates the need for that by using other peoples videos or promotional videos that are available to you as an affiliate of a product.

sales page hype

I’ve got to say this is pretty tame compared to some of previous ones, but still it’ll be interesting to see if it’s true.

So what we know so far is that this is about “stealing” other peoples videos, it’s only going to take 3 clicks, there is nothing techy involved.

If you do happen to scroll further down the sales page he does actually have a video where he explains a little bit more in that he just took a video and added a bit to the to make it unique. Why does he have to do that?

Well he does that to BYPASS YouTubes’ duplicate content algorithm. The problem I see with that is YouTube made a statement late last year that they are actively cracking down on duplicate content and taking down these kinds of channels.

Not good.

So I’m not sure how long you’d be able to keep your channel alive before YouTube caught up with you. Unfortunately Jono makes absolutely no reference to this and to fair I’m not sure how “ethical” it is either trying to game the YouTube system.

So let’s address this “stealing” statement shall we. In the overview video inside the training, Jono clearly states that Octane allows you to use other peoples videos via creative commons and videos that you have permission to use.

So there is definitely no stealing involved Lol.


I actually like this product, apart from trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Youtube, the concept is really good. I’m not sure how accurate the software is when it comes to finding cc videos, but I’ll come to that in a while.

Jono does an extremely good job of explaining all the steps involved, now I have to say that it’s a hell of a lot more than 3 clicks 🙂

You can do what this software does without it, but it would take you so much longer to do and if you are new then you might not have the knowledge to execute all the steps on your own. This does do it for you.

The software aside for the moment, there is some great training on how you could utilize it ranging from easy to medium to advanced.

The easy method show how to use Clickbank and that was the platform he used to get that commission he talked about on the sales page.

Now Clickbank does have a bit of a reputation for selling crappy products, but the good thing about the platform is you don’t need to get approved to be able to promote a product.

All you need is to sign up which is free to do, find a product you’d be happy promoting and grab your hop link, no waiting to get approved like the other method.

He also shows you how you can use Amazon Associates to make money from, again it’s free to sign up, but you do have to make a certain amount of sales within a certain period which I’m not too sure of the exact figures at the moment.

When it comes to the videos themselves octane has an inbuilt editor where you can trim the video, put your intros and outros.

The advanced training shows you how you can use this to build your email list, again Jono makes the whole process very easy to understand.


There are a few things that don’t get covered in this, things like the duplicate content issue for one. Now when you add your own intro and outro that should be enough to get past YouTubes restrictions, but you still have the issue with voice duplication or music duplication.

The other issue is in the Amazon training section the video that the software pulls up isn’t a creative commons one so as such you wouldn’t be allowed to use it. I checked and double checked so I would say that the accuracy of the software is slightly flawed and you should actually check them which kinda defeats the object of the software.

They could all be potential issues that are going to stop you from even being able to upload or even get your channel taken down.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of his customers have trouble with that. If you have bought Octane and are having these types of problems please get in touch because I’m sure other people as well as me would love to know.

The other issue i’d like to raise is the question about there being “no techy stuff“, well in part of the training you have to edit HTML code and if that ain’t techy I don’t know what is.


Once you get past the upsells of which there are 5 of the little blighters, you get into the members area of Octane.

**NOTICE** Do Not Buy The Upsells At This Point (I’ll tell you why in a little while)

octane members area

It’s a very easy to navigate dashboard with just 3 sections, there’s that number 3 again Lol.

  • Overview – 2.25 – self explanatory really
  • How to Use Octane – 10.38 – Goes over how to add your YouTube API in order to connect your account to Octane
  • Profit Method #1- Easy – 16.07 & 9.01 – This is the training on promoting a product from Clickbank and Amazon
  • Profit Method #2 – Medium – 24.28 – Using places like Warrior+Plus which is where you do need to get approved
  • Profit Method #3 Advanced – 23.37 – This is the list building section and probably not something you need to do when you’re starting out, but something to keep in mind as you progress
  • Octane Additional Features – 11.38 – This section show some different options like creating a GIF from any of your videos.

I’ve already said it, but I think that it needs saying again, he does a very good job of explaining the process of the different sections.

All too often I see products that the training you get shouldn’t even be called training it’s that bad, so that’s why I’m making such a big deal out of this one because believe me it’s not what you normally get.


Right, the upsells. I really don’t like upsells, I generally find them totally unnecessary and just get in the way of the main product.

Also most of the time they’re not covered by any guarantee which I’m happy to say isn’t the case with these ones. What I would say is go through the main product first.

Then if you feel you’d like to upgrade then at least you know if the product works or not, so what I’m going to do now is leave the URLs of the upsells so you can get them at a later date if you so wish.

  • OTO #1 – $17 – Octane Pro –
  • OTO #2 – $197 – Unlimited Traffic –
  • OTO #3 – $197 – $1000 Commission Solution –
  • OTO #4 – $157 – Easiest System Ever –
  • OTO #5 – $97 – License Rights –

So that little lot comes to an eye watering $665, so don’t even bother with, stick with the main product, get it working for you then decide if you want to shell out for the upsells.


I think it’s obvious what I think of this, i would say they’ve done a good job with this, only time will tell if it continues to work because the thing with software is it can be buggy and not quite work the way it was intended and then you have to ask yourself the question of how long they will keep it updated?

Will people end up having their YouTube accounts shutdown? i’m pretty sure that seeing as YouTube is owned by Google they’ll find a way to sniff out these types of video just like they have done in the search engines.

I mean at the end of the day who wants to see a load of duplicated videos just with a different intro. Who’s actually watches the intro anyway?

This will probably work for a year or maybe two and by then you should be able to do things the right way, but for now I’m going to approve it until someone tells me how they got their account banned from using it.




FREE Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners

This FREE affiliate Marketing Training will put an end to all the false promises, to all the fake ‘guru’s’ that only want to take your money, to all the over hyped sales pages that never deliver on their claims?

You’ll get more from this free affiliate marketing training than you’ll get in a lot of the products that make up all those phoney income screenshots and unrealistic claims.

Tired of seeing product after product after product keep getting released by the same people all claiming this is the one to make you rich.

Well it’s time to stop all that and give you something you can actually make work, something that DOES work.

1. Get Started Here

First of all you need to create an account so you can access the free training, don’t worry there’s no credit card details taken, all you need is an email address and your name 🙂

free affiliate marketing training

2. Understanding How to Make Money Online

There are so many ways that you can make money online! The problem is that people succumb to “shiny object syndrome” and quite often get distracted by ” the “latest and greatest” product or service and as a result are are never able to build a successful (and revenue generating) business because their attention is getting pulled this way and that.

Today we are going to run you through one of the most fundamental, yet the most powerful processes of generating revenue online.

understanding how to make money online

3. Choose a Niche

When choosing a niche that fits you, you should be choosing something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, but it could be something that you would like to learn about. You don’t need to BE an expert, you BECOME an expert.

Choose a Niche

4. Building Your OWN Niche Website

You now have your niche, in other words, the direction for your brand & business. That is great and don’t worry about this not being “perfectly clear” at this point, as you move forward the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together.

Starting with a big piece today, your website. We are going to be taking our niche idea and turning it into a tangible business starting with your website.

Building Your OWN Niche Website

5. Setting Up Your Website

In this lesson we are going to be walking you through the process of the initial website set-up. This includes the removal of “default” content that is installed with every website as well as a look around of the back office of your website.

Setting Up Your Website

6. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

We are now getting into the FUN stuff! Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO!

You have your website in place and now you want to make it SEO ready so that search engines can find it. Our goal is to get ranked in the BIG 3 engines, Google, Bing & Yahoo. Do note that our focus is going to be primarily on Google though as they own over 65% of all search traffic, and over 95% of mobile searches.

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

7. Creating Your Initial Website Content

Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are after ONE thing. The most relevant content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you are going to have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people stress about is being a “writer”, you DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.

Creating Your Initial Website Content

8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

Today is going to your first introduction to proper organization on your website. One thing that we always need to remember is that we are building our websites for PEOPLE, and our visitors and how someone would view our content and our navigation is what should dictate how we present our content.

9. Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content

You have likely heard the term “keyword research”. This is the act of finding keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche and deciding whether or not it is appropriate to build content around that particular keyword.

Keywords are going to be the “root” of all your SEO success.

Understanding Keywords

10. Congratulations and Your Next Steps

I’d would like to congratulate you on your progress this far and your progression towards success online! Your foundation has been built and you are ready to take your niche website and business to the next level.

sunny days ahead

what now