Welcome to my Evergreen Traffic Review. Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio are no strangers to this blog. I have reviewed many of their products like Pulli, Growii, bloggii and Traffic Revival with somewhat mixed results.

As a whole I quite like what they do it’s just sometimes their products can be a mis-mash of their old products, usually centering around Pinterest as a traffic source, hopefully this one is going to be one that is completely new.

NAME: Evergreen Traffic Academyevergreen traffic academy review

OWNERS: Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio

PRICE: $17

WEBSITE: https://evergreentrafficacademy.com/

#1 recommendation for making money from home


Well according to the sales page the methods for getting traffic have changed again which to be fair is news to me, but anyway this is supposedly a 100% newbie friendly way to create as many passive income streams as you like.

evergreen traffic academy sales page headline

Now that all sounds fine and dandy and the sales page even goes on to tell you that you’ll get over 61 videos, which I’ve got to say is pretty impressive if they hold value and not just full of fluff and hype, they need to be actionable.

But what is it?

They don’t tell you, they just dangle a great big carrot in front of you in the form of all their impressive screenshots, but fail to let you know what it is you’re going to be involved in.

Now isn’t that a bit strange? I mean how can someone expect you to pay money for something you have no idea what it is? It’s like walking into a car showroom and the salesperson telling you how great a particular car is, but not letting you see it.

sales page hype?

Yes I know they offer a money back guarantee, but I’ve had people telling me how hard it is to actually get a refund if it’s not what you were expecting, you see because they are not telling you what it is, your expectations can only be built on the sales page.

You might have something completely different in mind and when you get it are very disappointed and want your money back.

This is where I come in, I’m going to tell you exactly what Evergreen Traffic Academy is all about so you can make an informed decision and not have the hassle of trying to get your money back if it’s not what you thought it was going to be.

This product covers 3 different traffic options which are Youtube, Pinterest and SEO, which I haven’t seen before in one product, I’ve seen them covered individually, but not all at once.

Along with the traffic sources, they also show you how to find a niche, set up your blog with all the necessary pages and plugins.

This is especially handy if you are a total newbie.


As I’ve just mentioned this is going to be a great benefit to you if you’re new to all this, but at the same time even experienced marketers are going to get some benefit from this, not necessarily from the blog building section, but the traffic section simply because it covers 3 options.

I myself usually concentrate on SEO for my traffic, but I have got a Pinterest account and I will be going through the training he has here to see if I can learn anything from him.

You see that’s the great thing about this business, you can always learn more.

You then also have the Youtube option so there is a lot of viable option to look at for people who might be a different stages of their online adventure.


  • The amount of training for $17
  • The 3 options for free traffic
  • I love the fact they’ve included SEO
  • The setting up of a blog
  • Very easy to understand


  • Upsells  grrr…..
  • The use of backlinks


Once you make your way past the upsells, of which there are 4, you are presented with a members area that consists of the main training, some resources, some bonuses and of course another to grab those pesky upsells.

The training is split up into 7 modules each containing a different amount of videos.

Module 1 – Overview and Case Studiesevergreen traffic academy training dashboard

  • Youtube Case Study – 6.27
  • Pinterest Case Study – 2.28
  • SEO Case Study – 2.46
  • Overview Of The System – 4.32

Module 2 – Niche Research

  • Generating a list of ideas – 13.32
  • Researching how you can monetize – 3.39
  • Validation – 7.05

Module 3 – Basic Website Creation

  • Domain name – 7.09
  • Domain registration – 3.19
  • Hosting setup – 12.30
  • WordPress setup – 9.56
  • Installing SSL – 4.55
  • Install Flatsome – 10.29
  • Logo – 6.59
  • About Page -7.36
  • Contact Page – 10.20
  • Terms & Conditions Page – 5.24
  • Privacy Policy – 7.02
  • Cookie Consent & Plugin 4.52
  • Linking Pages via Menu – 8.10
  • Final Words on Initial Site Layout – 2.58
  • Social Sharing Plugin Install – 6.02
  • Making 1st Sample Post – 8.29
  • Filling Out Front Page – 8.41
  • Finishing Front Page – 8.11
  • Finalizing The Site – 3.43

Module 4 – Youtube

  • Youtube Overview and Benefits – 7.57
  • Create YouTube Channel – 11.12
  • Finding YT Keywords – Free Method – 10.17
  • Premium Keyword Research Method 4.06
  • YouTube Video Success Factors – 9.27
  •  Video structure / what makes a video successful – 9.55
  • Video creation – 5.43
  • Uploading The Video – 16.20
  • Growth Roadmap & Monetization – 7.22

Module 5 – Pinterest

  • Overview of Pinterest – 7.25
  • Pinterest Account Creation – 6.47
  • 10 Boards / 10 Pins Setup – 5.49
  • Getting 50+ Followers – 8.14
  • Research 10 Content Ideas – 6.51
  • Outsourcing Content on iWriter – 7.14
  • Create Content Yourself – 5.15
  • Insert Images Into Post – 5.28
  • Create Pinterest Image – 8.31
  • Finalize Post, Pin It to Pinterest – 7.40
  • Create Rich Pins – 3.59
  • Tribes Traffic and Scheduling – 14.46

Module 6 – SEO Traffic

  • Overview of SEO – 8.13
  • Essential Tool – MOZ Toolbar – 7.25
  • Keyword Generation with Google Keyword Planner – 6.02
  • Keyword Generation w/Keyword Shitter – 5.33
  • Keyword Generation – SEM Rush – 11.45
  • Competition Analysis – MOZ Toolbar – 7.21
  • Creating SEO-Optimized Content – 6.42
  • Building Links to Your Site – 8.45

Module 7 – Making Money From All The Traffic

  • Monetization – Big Picture – 11.27
  • How to set up Adsense – 16.29
  • Setting Up Listbuilding / Optin Form – 10.57
  • Create Optin Image & Set Up Follow Up Messages – 12.41

So there you have a ton of training to go through which for the price is incredibly good, especially when you consider some of the absolute rubbish that gets released.


As previously mentioned this has 4 upsells and just so you know what to expect I’ll give you a quick run down of what they are.

  • OTO #1 – Case Studies pack $27
  • OTO #2 – Done-For-You pack $27
  • OTO #3 – 100% PROFIT FUNNELS – $97, $147, $197
  • OTO #4 – Done-For-You Blog – $1497 – no that’s not a typo it really is $1497


I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this you unlike this one I reviewed here.



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