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& Victory Akpomedaye

PRICE: $27.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home


This is a cloud based software that supposedly anyone can make money with and all you have to do is click your mouse a total of 3 times. They seem to have a bit of a thing with the number 3, it appears in their other sales pages .

Now come on guys, you can’t really expect people to believe that can you? Can you??

octane sales page headline

So, according to the sales page this is the easiest and fastest way to make money online and they stop just short of actually guaranteeing you’ll get results.

It’s a solution for people who either don’t want to or are unable to create their own content, in particular videos. This eliminates the need for that by using other peoples videos or promotional videos that are available to you as an affiliate of a product.

sales page hype

I’ve got to say this is pretty tame compared to some of previous ones, but still it’ll be interesting to see if it’s true.

So what we know so far is that this is about “stealing” other peoples videos, it’s only going to take 3 clicks, there is nothing techy involved.

If you do happen to scroll further down the sales page he does actually have a video where he explains a little bit more in that he just took a video and added a bit to the to make it unique. Why does he have to do that?

Well he does that to BYPASS YouTubes’ duplicate content algorithm. The problem I see with that is YouTube made a statement late last year that they are actively cracking down on duplicate content and taking down these kinds of channels.

Not good.

So I’m not sure how long you’d be able to keep your channel alive before YouTube caught up with you. Unfortunately Jono makes absolutely no reference to this and to fair I’m not sure how “ethical” it is either trying to game the YouTube system.

So let’s address this “stealing” statement shall we. In the overview video inside the training, Jono clearly states that Octane allows you to use other peoples videos via creative commons and videos that you have permission to use.

So there is definitely no stealing involved Lol.


I actually like this product, apart from trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Youtube, the concept is really good. I’m not sure how accurate the software is when it comes to finding cc videos, but I’ll come to that in a while.

Jono does an extremely good job of explaining all the steps involved, now I have to say that it’s a hell of a lot more than 3 clicks ?

You can do what this software does without it, but it would take you so much longer to do and if you are new then you might not have the knowledge to execute all the steps on your own. This does do it for you.

The software aside for the moment, there is some great training on how you could utilize it ranging from easy to medium to advanced.

The easy method show how to use Clickbank and that was the platform he used to get that commission he talked about on the sales page.

Now Clickbank does have a bit of a reputation for selling crappy products, but the good thing about the platform is you don’t need to get approved to be able to promote a product.

All you need is to sign up which is free to do, find a product you’d be happy promoting and grab your hop link, no waiting to get approved like the other method.

He also shows you how you can use Amazon Associates to make money from, again it’s free to sign up, but you do have to make a certain amount of sales within a certain period which I’m not too sure of the exact figures at the moment.

When it comes to the videos themselves octane has an inbuilt editor where you can trim the video, put your intros and outros.

The advanced training shows you how you can use this to build your email list, again Jono makes the whole process very easy to understand.


There are a few things that don’t get covered in this, things like the duplicate content issue for one. Now when you add your own intro and outro that should be enough to get past YouTubes restrictions, but you still have the issue with voice duplication or music duplication.

The other issue is in the Amazon training section the video that the software pulls up isn’t a creative commons one so as such you wouldn’t be allowed to use it. I checked and double checked so I would say that the accuracy of the software is slightly flawed and you should actually check them which kinda defeats the object of the software.

They could all be potential issues that are going to stop you from even being able to upload or even get your channel taken down.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of his customers have trouble with that. If you have bought Octane and are having these types of problems please get in touch because I’m sure other people as well as me would love to know.

The other issue i’d like to raise is the question about there being “no techy stuff“, well in part of the training you have to edit HTML code and if that ain’t techy I don’t know what is.


Once you get past the upsells of which there are 5 of the little blighters, you get into the members area of Octane.

**NOTICE** Do Not Buy The Upsells At This Point (I’ll tell you why in a little while)

octane members area

It’s a very easy to navigate dashboard with just 3 sections, there’s that number 3 again Lol.

  • Overview – 2.25 – self explanatory really
  • How to Use Octane – 10.38 – Goes over how to add your YouTube API in order to connect your account to Octane
  • Profit Method #1- Easy – 16.07 & 9.01 – This is the training on promoting a product from Clickbank and Amazon
  • Profit Method #2 – Medium – 24.28 – Using places like Warrior+Plus which is where you do need to get approved
  • Profit Method #3 Advanced – 23.37 – This is the list building section and probably not something you need to do when you’re starting out, but something to keep in mind as you progress
  • Octane Additional Features – 11.38 – This section show some different options like creating a GIF from any of your videos.

I’ve already said it, but I think that it needs saying again, he does a very good job of explaining the process of the different sections.

All too often I see products that the training you get shouldn’t even be called training it’s that bad, so that’s why I’m making such a big deal out of this one because believe me it’s not what you normally get.


Right, the upsells. I really don’t like upsells, I generally find them totally unnecessary and just get in the way of the main product.

Also most of the time they’re not covered by any guarantee which I’m happy to say isn’t the case with these ones. What I would say is go through the main product first.

Then if you feel you’d like to upgrade then at least you know if the product works or not, so what I’m going to do now is leave the URLs of the upsells so you can get them at a later date if you so wish.

  • OTO #1 – $17 – Octane Pro –
  • OTO #2 – $197 – Unlimited Traffic –
  • OTO #3 – $197 – $1000 Commission Solution –
  • OTO #4 – $157 – Easiest System Ever –
  • OTO #5 – $97 – License Rights –

So that little lot comes to an eye watering $665, so don’t even bother with, stick with the main product, get it working for you then decide if you want to shell out for the upsells.


I think it’s obvious what I think of this, i would say they’ve done a good job with this, only time will tell if it continues to work because the thing with software is it can be buggy and not quite work the way it was intended and then you have to ask yourself the question of how long they will keep it updated?

Will people end up having their YouTube accounts shutdown? i’m pretty sure that seeing as YouTube is owned by Google they’ll find a way to sniff out these types of video just like they have done in the search engines.

I mean at the end of the day who wants to see a load of duplicated videos just with a different intro. Who’s actually watches the intro anyway?

This will probably work for a year or maybe two and by then you should be able to do things the right way, but for now I’m going to approve it until someone tells me how they got their account banned from using it.




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